Generic Sales Suck

Sales is personal.

Not only because losing a deal can be soul-crushing, but also because each prospect is an individual who is looking for their own specific solution to their own very personal problems.

That’s why, as sellers, it is crucial to make the sales process feel as individualized as possible.

So hear from some of the best in the biz about how we can be doing better to improve our sales processes and make it more personalized and less generic.

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Putting the customer first isn’t only a best practice, it’s a must.

From prospecting to outreach, personalization goes a long way in improving every part of the sales process. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss during the roundtable:

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How to deliver winning customer-centric sales experiences

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How to use customer data to engage with prospects in a smarter way

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How to leverage offline experiences to personalize the customer journey

Meet our speakers

Join us as Walnut’s Adir Ben Yehuda chats with Vidyard’s Dan Wardle, Apollo’s David Bennion, and Postal's Jonathan Zoob about how we can use personalization to improve the SaaS sales process. 


Adir Ben Yehuda

VP of Sales


Dan Wardle

VP of Revenue

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David Bennion

VP of Sales

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Jonathan Zoob

VP of Sales